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Sergeant Marc Greenstein is a recently retired 28-year veteran of the Miramar Police Department.  He spent the last 17 years responsible for the safety and security of Miramar schools, students and staff.  He has trained extensively in Active Killer Prevention, Survival and Response. He is currently a Partner and Lead Consultant for Situational Awareness Institute and the founder of Sheepdog Consulting Group, Inc.  A company that trains business personnel and school staff to recognize, prevent and survive an active killer event.  He has a Black Belt in Judo and Jujitsu and continues to teach Rape Prevention classes to Women.

 Marc is a nationally recognized expert in force response preparedness and has participated in crafting school security response and safety plans.  As well as training staff to protect themselves and others should the wolves seek prey.

Marc can be reached at 954-850-6647 or marcgreenstein@sheepdogconsultinggroup.c